Recharge and Revive 
by Viva Naturally

The Ultimate Program to Help You

Feel Energized and Vibrant

Discover the vitality to live life fully, excel in your career, travel the world, spend quality time with loved ones and enjoy your life.

Learn how to feel vibrant and energized plus improve your overall health, naturally.

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Recharge and Revive™ is a 12 week coaching program that will take your energy and vitality to the next level.

Recharge and Revive™ is the must-have program for women entrepreneurs who are committed to their own success and want to maximize their energy to thrive in life.

"This program will help you find the energy you need to FLOURISH"

Dear Go-Getter Entrepreneur,

You spend many hours, days and nights, working hard to grow, manage and scale your business. You want your clients to have the best possible experience and outcome. You want to make a difference in the world, change people’s lives and create your legacy.

You are driven, determined, creative, skillful, passionate, a dreamer, role model and a visionary.

You also want to have good health and energy to do many other wonderful things you love and cherish, such as spend time with loved ones, travel, learn, explore, and more.

You want to overcome all the physical, mental, and emotional barriers that drain your energy. These barriers are blocking you from accomplishing your goals. You can’t afford this anymore.

You want to BE and FEEL vibrant, energized, happy, and healthy​​​​.

Having vitality means you are energetic, lively, and healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Physical: Energy to do things. Strength and stamina.
Mental: Energy to think clearly. Good mental shape with sufficient mental power and thinking ability to handle problems. A state of mental alertness and effectiveness.
Emotional: Up-beat attitude. Happy, peaceful, enthusiastic and joyful. Ability to manage stress.

You Desire to...

  • asterisk
    Have a positive mindset that will get you very far in life
  • asterisk
    Have a healthy relationships that energize you
  • asterisk
    Eat healthy, delicious and nourishing foods without restricting or counting calories
  • asterisk
    Eat foods that will jumpstart your energy and help you perform at your best
  • asterisk
    Be fit and look forward to working out because you enjoy it and you have the energy to move your body
  • asterisk
    Improve your overall health and live a healthier, sustainable lifestyle​
  • asterisk
    Be more productive and organized
  • asterisk
    Get things done without feeling exhausted
  • asterisk
    Improve mental clarity and ability to focus
  • asterisk
    Manage stress and live a more peaceful life
  • asterisk
    Finally have quality, restful sleep
  • asterisk
    Have a work/life balance that best suits your lifestyle 
  • asterisk
    Feel and look vibrant to serve your clients 
  • asterisk
    Motivate and inspire your staff to help grow and scale your business
  • asterisk
    Achieve sustained high performance and maximize energy
  • asterisk
    Have the vitality to achieve your personal and professional goals and make your dreams a reality
  • asterisk
    Spend more time with your loved ones

Remember, people see you as a role model. So, show your authentic self, motivate others, share the love and spread the energy!

You want look and feel your best because…

  • check
    It FEELS amazing and empowering to have optimum vitality
  • check
    Deep down you know that you DESERVE to be vibrant, energized, happy, and healthy
  • check
    And you know that others (like clients, staff, family and friends) are counting on you because you are a ROCK STAR!

The Problem...

You have not put YOU at the top of your priority list! You have so many things to do and manage that your energy, health and well being is struggling.How can you give the best of you to others, accomplish goals, and thrive in life if you don’t take care of yourself first?

  • check
    I feel sleepy, sluggish and tired during the day.
  • check
    I depend on coffee, sweets or energy drinks to give myself a boost.
  • check
    I don't have the energy I used to have.
  • check
    I don't have time to cook healthy meals.
  • check
    I don't have the energy, time and motivation to work out and be fit.
  • check
    I wish I didn't crash mid-afternoon and feel drained.
  • check
    I wake up in the morning feeling like I didn't get enough sleep.
  • check
    Stress is overwhelming and tiring.
  • check
    Some relationships drain my energy.
  • check
    My staff/team need me to guide, motivate and support them.
  • check
    I want to have more time and energy to spend quality time with loved ones.
  • check
    I want to wake up feeling recharged, motivated and ready to tackle the day.
  • check
    I want to serve my clients fully and in the best way possible.
  • check
    I want to have the mindset and focus to achieve my goals.
  • check
    I want to take my health and wellness to the next level.
  • check
    I want to feel vibrant and ALIVE.
  • check
    I need to be more productive.
  • check
    I need to live a healthier lifestyle but I don't know how.
  • check
    I need guidance, accountability and support to improve my health and vitality.

Do any of these statements sound familiar? I bet they do.

Having low energy, feeling tired, drained, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. seems to be the norm now days however, it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s time to feel vibrant, energized, happy and healthy. It’s time to transform your life.

It’s time to RECHARGE and REVIVE.

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I've been in your shoes.

You don’t have to feel tired, drained, depleted of energy, stressed or overwhelmed anymore.

You can finally be vibrant, energized, and healthy so you can thrive in your personal and professional life.

I’m Juliana Salazar and I’m here to make sure you get your energy back and achieve sustained vitality naturally.

I’m here to guide you step-by step with everything I’ve learned and experienced including:

  • Years of studies and research in the health and wellness field
  • Numerous courses and training including, the Corporate Athlete Training at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute – How to Maximize Energy
  • Attending various health and wellness conferences and fairs
  • Leading and organizing health and wellness projects and events for small businesses and large corporations including:
  • How to be an energizing leader
  • Mindset training
  • Fun and motivational wellness challenges
  • Years of experience with clients
  • Constantly learning new material in the health, wellness, vitality, business and leadership fields because I love and enjoy it!
  • Earning a Bachelor’s degree in business and a Master’s degree in management to develop top coaching programs, like Recharge and Revive.™ My extensive leadership development training has been put to good use.  I truly love and enjoy leading and helping other leaders achieve sustained high performance through health and vitality.

I’m here to guide, teach, and support you every step of the way and hold you accountable. It’s hard to transform your health and vitality long-term but trust me, it’s worth it. Think about what you can do with more energy.

I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been there.

It all started when I had two jobs, going to school and training. I worked hard to deliver quality results with my work. I had my short- and long-term goals laid out and a plan to achieve them. I was determined, focused, driven and organized.

I was so disciplined and into my work that I would...

  • Forget to eat
  • Not have time to cook meals or eat healthy
  • Not have time or energy to workout/exercise
  • Be glued to my chair for most of the day
  • Spend hours in front of my computer
  • Wake up feeling tired
  • Feel brain fog take over my mind and thoughts
  • Have a hard time focusing and being productive
  • Let internal and external negativity put me down mentally and emotionally
  • Feel stressed out and overwhelmed with work and life
  • Be hard on myself when everything wasn’t perfect

Then I had a major health breakthrough.

Deep down I knew I had to make major health changes.

I would get sick because I didn’t fully nourish my mind and body or give it the proper rest.

I realized that conventional medicine didn’t completely heal my numerous health issues.

I started to listen to my body and how it reacted to my habits and choices.

I fully embarked on a wellness journey hoping to fully heal and recharge my battery.

I decided to do more research in the health and wellness field regarding natural healing.

I got overwhelmed with so much information.

I took things too far and went from being a health nut to overly obsessed with “being healthy” and developed Orthorexia, a condition that includes obsessive behavior in pursuit of a healthy diet.

I lost 30 pounds in a short period of time because of excessive exercise and under eating.

Orthorexia eventually turned into anorexia, an eating disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight.

I experienced severe hormonal imbalances, which led to more health problems.

I paid the price. My health issues cost me time, money and energy.

Orthorexia and anorexia are eating disorders that caused my health and wellbeing to deteriorate.

With therapy, perseverance, support and accountability, I recovered from the nightmare.

During that time, I still had the “perfectionist” mindset, was a workaholic and over-the-top expectations of myself.

Then I had another breakthrough.

I finally found a sustainable lifestyle and healthy habits that freed me from restricting, counting calories and being obsessed with my health and fitness.

Through trial and error and personal and professional experience, I put the missing puzzle pieces together.

The results in my health and performance became evident. I started to heal naturally have more energy. It was a total life transformation.

Other people started to notice my healing, progress and overall renewal.

They wanted to know how I got through it; my journey, challenges and victories.

I started sharing my story to motivate and inspire others. That’s when I discovered my passion and purpose in life.

I started my own business to help people around the world improve their health and energy levels naturally.

I’m healthier, stronger and more energized than ever. I’m so thankful. I’m truly ALIVE.

 The word “viva” means “live.” That’s one of the reasons I named my business Viva Naturally.

Happiness is being Alive

When I first started my business as a new entrepreneur, I faced many challenges. TIME and ENERGY were the greatest. This time, I knew my health had to be my number one priority. I didn’t want to relive the past; feeling tired, mentally drained, stressed and ill. This time, I had the right tools and knew how to use them. I was in the same boat as my clients so I had to practice what I preached and be the example.

Fast Forward to Today

I love my life and how I feel inside and out. It’s been a bumpy road but I made it and I’m proud of myself. 

Confidence is the sexiest attribute a woman can have. If you FEEL good, you’ll look good and be successful.

Being in control of your energy gives you more confidence, peace, and brainpower to charge ahead.

My wish for you is that you have your own vitality and health breakthrough.

I want you to be and FEEL vibrant, energized, happy and healthy for YOU and everyone around you.

It’s time to experience the transformation. You deserve it.I want you to be a top performer in all you do.Maybe you want to travel, grow or scale your business, and do MORE.

 I invite you to get your energy back. Recharge and Revive™ will make that happen!

What can you expect from Recharge and Revive?™ 

This 12-week program was created with YOU in mind to help you recharge, refresh, renew and revive your life.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to discover and unleash the energy to thrive in your professional and personal life.

 You’ll get your energy back and improve your:





•Stress management

•Sleep quality


•Overall health

The Modules and Lessons

I know and understand that too much information can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve organized the program in a way that will help you LEARN, APPLY, SHARE and receive valuable FEEDBACK. You’re not alone. My team and I will guide you every step of the way.  

Recharge and Revive™ is based on 5 core pillars.

Mindset and Emotion

Approach life with positivity by challenging negative thoughts and improving your outlook on life. Improve your mood, have healthy relationships and manage your emotions.

Healthy Eating

Food is the energy source for our bodily functions. It directly affects how our body and mind operate. Eating healthy whole foods and drinking water will energize you.


During rest and sleep, our bodies work to support healthy brain function, mental and physical reparation occurs and energy is restored.


Keeping our body active is the best way to stay alert, feel good and be energetic.

Stress Management

Managing stress helps us cope with life and be happier, healthier, vibrant and more productive. These pillars are the foundation of my business and the key components of this program.

What to Expect from Recharge and Revive™:

During this 12-week coaching program, I’ll guide you on your journey to become energized and experience a complete health and wellness transformation.

You’ll receive:

  • Group coaching
  • Weekly training modules with lessons
  • Valuable resources
  • One-on-one support
  • Peer support
  • Q&A sessions
  • Full email access
  • Networking opportunities
  • Reward points upon completing every module
  • A certificate of program completion

My clients work with me because they know I can relate 100% since I also have experienced low energy, fatigue, impaired focus, health issues and mindset blocks.

They know I’ve been in their shoes and I can help them regain the vitality

After 12 weeks with me you will:

  • Experience mindset and emotional breakthroughs
  • Improve your clarity, focus and productivity
  • Implement essential healthy habits in your routine
  • Nourish your mind and body
  • Experience quality sleep and proper rest
  • Move your body and exercise for health and energy
  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Effectively manage stress
  • Improve your overall health
  • Learn how to boost and sustain energy

You also may experience secondary positive side-effects depending on your health situation, including:

  • Heal digestion problems
  • Reduce allergies
  • Clear, smooth skin
  • Balanced hormones
  • Overcome emotional eating
  • Restore weight
  • Improve memory
  • Be a role model and inspiration to others
  • Better outlook on life
  • Wealth of knowledge about health and wellness
  • Work-life balance

I’m here to guide you every step of the way. I’ll show you that getting your energy back can be achieved naturally and sustained for the long-term.

What does the program include?

The program combines group and one-on-one coaching.

It has 5 main sections—or modules--that are based on the 5 core vitality pillars: Mindset and Emotion, Healthy Eating, Rest, Movement and Stress Management. Each module contains multiple lessons.

The lessons are organized to fully equip you with everything you need to succeed in the program.

You will:

  • LEARN the material at your own pace via videos, guides and resources.
  • APPLY what you learn by using workbooks, journals, homework and handouts.
  • SHARE with me and your peers in the program what you’ve learned and applied, and about your vitality journey.
  • RECEIVE FEEDBACK and ask questions, receive valuable feedback, be accountable and take advantage of progress and mindset check-ins.

In 12 energizing weeks with me you’ll get:


  • Weekly training modules with lessons, including videos, guides, workbooks, journals, templates and handouts
  • Access to my private resources and support team
  • Access to my signature vitality tools, including mindfulness training, goal-setting, mindset strategies and my Energy Solution System


  • A private and exclusive Facebook forum to connect with other highly driven entrepreneurs who are seeking to boost their energy to thrive in life.
  • Additional access to me by posting your questions in the private forum
  • Networking and accountability opportunities


  • Full email access to me and my team of experts for 12 weeks. Submit your questions directly to me for personalized help.
  • A weekly LIVE group Q&A session where you’ll receive one-on-one coaching with me


  • Exclusive access to group coaching to supercharge your vitality journey
  • Private members’ portal where all live training and Q&A calls are uploaded for 24/7 access
  • Lifetime access to the course training and material!
I created this program because I truly believe it’s possible to have the energy to fully enjoy life! 

That's not all! 

You’ll also receive these amazing BONUSES!


The ultimate checklist you can reference at any time to keep you on track and feeling your best every day. ($99 value)


This journal is for your thoughts, feelings, emotions and notes as you progress in the program. This journal will be especially helpful in the mindset sessions. ($57 value)


As a member of the Recharge and Revive™ program, you’ll have three one-on-one calls with me to discuss your progress and tackle any mindset/accountability issues you encounter. These calls are in addition to the weekly LIVE group coaching Q&A calls.  ($1,100 value)


Email me anytime during the workweek to check-in or ask me to review your progress before our next call. ($497 value)


A guide you can take wherever you go to help you feel vibrant when you travel. ($347 value)


A guide with the top 10 essential oils used to boost energy and maintain good health. ($299 value)


I’m giving you access to my personal health, fitness and vitality reading and documentary list so you can create the mindset and apply the practices that will propel you forward. (Priceless)

Fast Action BONUSES!

  • First 5 sign-ups get a 60-minute kickoff deep-dive session with me to help you begin the program and hit the ground running. ($987 value)
  • First 10 sign-ups get a LIVE online food pantry makeover. We’ll look at your fridge and pantry virtually using our cell phone cameras. ($497 value)

Recharge and Revive™ is for anyone who is 100% committed to their own success.

Because of that, Recharge and Revive™ is by application only.

Modules and Lessons


Once you enroll in the program, you’ll receive a welcome packet and orientation module to help you make the most out of the program and best prepare for the next 12 weeks.

  • Overview of the program modules, lessons, tools and logistics
  • How to have the positive attitude to be energized and healthy
  • How to organize your life to maximize the program and your success

Module 1: Experience Powerful Mindset Shifts, Understand Your Emotions and Set Smart Goals

  • Approach life with positivity and challenge negative thoughts
  • Set your health and vitality intentions and improve your outlook on life
  • Learn about your emotions and how to improve your mood
  • Detox from relationships that drain your energy
  • Get crystal clear on your goals
  • Align your goals with your life priorities
  • Realize that accountability will keep you committed to your desired outcome feeling energized and healthy

Module 2: Healthy Eating for Energy

  • Learn how plant-based whole foods can boost your energy and improve your overall health
  • Understand why hydration is key to health and vitality
  • Learn about the foods and drinks that lower your energy and cause fatigue
  • Realize why “diets” don’t work
  • Say goodbye to worrying about calories and counting them
  • Implement healthy eating habits that are sustainable and last a lifetime
  • Learn how to cook easy, healthy meals step-by-step with my e-book filled with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. All recipes are meat-, egg- and dairy-free with gluten-free options
  • Learn how to effectively and efficiently prepare meals when you have a busy life and schedule
  • Learn how to eat on the go or when traveling to keep your energy levels high
  • Discover healthy natural supplements that will take your energy to the next level

Module 3: Rest to Repair and Recharge

  • Learn how and why sleep is crucial to repairing and recharging your mind and body
  • Stop overworking your mind and body and start resting and relaxing
  • Understand the consequences of not resting or sleeping
  • Identify the differences between quantity and quality sleep
  • Implement key practices to help you sleep better
  • Create the perfect bed time ritual that will set you up for a successful and energizing next day

Module 4: Movement

  • Learn why and how moving your body helps you feel energized
  • Realize that keeping our body active is one of the best ways to stay alert and feel good
  • Learn about the differences between body movement and exercising
  • Learn how to get your body moving throughout the day
  • Implement workouts into your busy routine to help you maintain your energy
  • Learn the common mistakes people make with exercise and how to avoid them
  • Recognize common roadblocks to exercise and learn some simple solutions

Module 5: Stress Management

  • Discover why stress is good and a part of life
  • Learn why stress management is essential for good health
  • Learn how to cope with life, feel peaceful and renewed
  • Recognize common stressors and how to cope with them
  • Understand the differences between multi-tasking and productivity and how it can affect your stress and energy levels
  • Apply my top techniques to effectively manage stress for the short- and long-term
  • Detox from external factors that cause stress and drain energy                                                

What happens after you apply?

When you click to apply for your free Vitality Breakthrough Session with me, we’ll discuss your goals, challenges and obstacles. I’ll answer any questions you have about the program. If we feel it’s a good fit, I’ll invite you to join Recharge and Revive™ and we can dive right in!

Once you make payment, my support staff will enroll you right way and follow up with your login details. You’ll have immediate access to the online course material.  You’ll also be added to the private Facebook community and sent the course schedule to mark the important dates.

You’ll be in great hands. We have everything laid out in our membership site. You can access all the materials and our support manager will be there to answer any questions.

Are You Ready to Feel Energized and Vibrant? 

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Remember: The early bird catches the worm!

Recharge and Revive™ is for anyone who is 100% committed to their own success.

Because of that, Recharge and Revive™ is by application only.

Recharge and Revive is not your average health and wellness coaching program

It’s the Ultimate Vitality Coaching Program that will take your energy to the next level. It will also transform your overall wellness so you can enjoy life to the fullest, thrive in your business and feel ah-mazing!

I’ll guide you every step of the way and show you that IT IS possible to feel vibrant even when you’re a busy entrepreneur.  To fully help others, we must first take care of ourselves. Wouldn’t you agree?

What would more energy and better health mean to you?

  • More focus and clarity to manage and grow your business?
  • Increased productivity to get things done efficiently?
  • Fully enjoy quality time with loved ones?
  • Travel more and explore the world?
  • Kick stress to the curb because you finally know how to manage it?
  • Experience mindset shifts that transform your life?
  • Eat the foods that will fuel your mind and body?
  • Feel empowered and FULL OF LIFE?

YES! Discover this and much more!

My Promise to You

In these 12 weeks, you’ll get more than a proven energy solution system. You’ll experience a transformation of vitality and wellness. I give you permission to love yourself and finally release the energized, vibrant, healthy YOU.

A life full of Vitality and Energy is for you if: 

  • You want to have more energy to do the things you love in life – including the cool things on your bucket list.
  • You want to improve your health and wellness.
  • You need to be motivated and held accountable.
  • You desire to push your business forward fully charged.
  • You want to have the energy to travel, make connections and build wonderful relationships.
  • You look forward to revitalizing your life and to be fully there for your family and friends.
  • You’re ready to recharge your mind and body.
  • You’re willing to complete the 12-week program.
  • You understand your thoughts, actions and health are linked to your success.

You're Probably Not Ready to Join Recharge and Revive if:

  • You don’t want to receive help and feedback
  • You prefer to consume artificial energy boosters that are harmful to your health
  • You struggle with commitment
  • You don’t want to invest in improving your health. You prefer to spend more money on medical bills
  • You’re close-minded when it comes to incorporating new healthy habits
  • You’re not willing to do what it takes to feel energized and vibrant
  • You Can Keep Doing It Alone and...

    • Not be held accountable or inspired to improve your health and vitality
    • Continue to feel tired when you most need to be alert and focused
    • Miss out on having fun with loved ones because you’re exhausted and prefer to stay home
    • Struggle to thrive in your business due to low energy and lack of motivation
    • Experience the continuous cycle of being mentally and physically drained
    • Find it difficult to get up in the morning or stay awake during the day

    Or you can stop struggling and join the Recharge and Revive™ program. I’ll show you how to get your energy back so you can fully thrive in your personal and professional life.

    Have Questions? We have Answers! 


    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

    What happens after I join the program?

    How much time do I need to commit to complete the program?

    How do I know if this is the right program for me?

    How can I be sure I'll get results?

    I'm excited to join. How do I pay?